Parviz Ali Zada, Nejar Tuncay, Salih Baris Ozturk, Havar Mamedov, S. Abdullaev


This paper deals with using an original and pure electronic method for low-frequency harmonic suppression with wide industrial realization and application, in place of the usually heavy inductive, low-frequency harmonic filters. One of the main applications was made for small land power supply units of onboard complexes
in ground-based air navigation when preflight ground check-service is made. The transport management at thousands of small provincial airports in the former country is still unfortunate. The same situation is in Northern and central Central Asia, Northern Caucasian and Trans-Caucasian Mountains, oriented to small civil and agricultural services airports, etc. Everywhere the phase
and line voltage amplitude unbalance can reach between 10-15% at the settlement’s power tiny transformer or generator and there are thousands and thousands of such local «airports» [1, 6]. This paper
has been editing by a native speaker, Ms. Rachel Alcorn — our sincere thanks.

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